The term “Industry 4.0” has become a buzzword for discrete manufacturers.

But what do experts mean when they say Industry 4.0?

Forbes writer Bernard Marr says that “the fourth industrial revolution will take what was started in the third with the adoption of computers and automation and enhance it with smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning.”

(Wikipedia gives more or less the same definition—so you know it’s true.)

When academics and “thought leaders” talk about Industry 4.0, they go heavy on the jargon and light on the real-world applications of innovation that will arise during the next era of manufacturing.

At Data Inventions, we don’t do that.

We give it to you straight.

Better Data, Improved Visibility, and a Stronger Bottom Line

For many manufacturers, Industry 4.0 is a do or die moment.

The competition domestic manufacturers faced because of the “China Shock” of the early 2000s is nothing compared to the changes ahead. Discrete manufacturers will face increased pressure from foreign competition—and not just from China. The coming decades will see Africa and other developing regions emerge as a low-cost source of manufactured goods. Societal events (including future pandemics) are also likely to occur more frequently. Manufacturing is a big deal, and big deal events tend to have a more significant (though not always negative) impact on big deal industries—like manufacturing.

Discrete manufacturers that do not have access to and use their data will not survive the coming era.

Do or die.

That’s what Industry 4.0 means for manufacturers.

Here’s what Industry 4.0 means to the team that brought you Alora, the platform that delivers manufacturing intelligence that drives results.

In Industry 4.0, discrete manufacturers need:

  • Accurate data that facilitates better decision making.
  • Instant feedback that helps operators and supervisors put data into context.
  • Shop floors and top floors that are aligned and working toward common goals.
  • Engaged operators.
  • Customized, flexible dashboards and multi-layered reporting that help identify simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Real-time results with reason codes that help drive accountability across an entire plant.
  • Improved visibility, utilization, efficiency, accuracy, and accountability.
  • Bottom-line profitability that keeps plant doors open and surrounding communities thriving.

Are You Ready for Industry 4.0?

Surviving and thriving in Industry 4.0 is a tall order. It will require management willing to invest in innovative technology that delivers visibility and a high return-on-investment (ROI). It will require operators ready to embrace accountability and the opportunity to show their true value to management.

It will require better technology and improved habits (by both management and operators) across your plant.

As significant as that sounds, the alternative is worse.

Discrete manufacturers that don’t adapt to Industry 4.0 simply will not make it.

Thankfully, Alora by Data Inventions can change that. Our platform gives discrete manufacturers the intelligence they need, the data they lack, the efficiency they require, and the bottom-line that will keep their business open for generations to come.

Alora by Data Inventions:

  • Enables the standardization Industry 4.0 requires.
  • Works with new and old machines.
  • Delivers analytics that provide a roadmap for continuous improvement.
  • Has shown to increase key utilization rates (KUR) by as much as 170%.
  • Is built to address multiple SKUs, short runs, and the needs of discrete manufacturers.

The fourth industrial revolution will be even more disruptive than the third. In order to thrive (and sometimes even just survive), discrete manufacturers must invest in technology that allows them to maximize the full potential of the data currently trapped in their machines.

Alora does just that.

Together your team and our technology can help your plant make it to the other side of Industry 4.0 stronger and more profitable than ever before.