America’s economic success depends on a strong manufacturing sector, and a strong manufacturing sector requires technology that can increase utilization, improve productivity, and strengthen bottom lines. 

Alora by Data Inventions allows machine operators and managers to connect using simple, intuitive interfaces that help enable them to prevent errors from occurring and avert defects throughout the production process. Automated systems analyze data in real-time and trigger actions that help reduce downtime, prevent the chances of failure and improve output delivery.

Translation: Alora delivers results, in a big, big way. 

Just ask Judd Weis, President & CEO of The Cincinnati Consulting Consortium.  Judd and his team recently helped two of Data Invention’s discrete, mid-market manufacturing clients implement Alora on their shop floor. 

“Alora brings clarity and awareness to scenarios where complexity is very high, but the tools to manage that complexity are limited,” said Weis. “Alora adds science to the art that is discrete manufacturing. We have seen it increase a manufacturer’s return-on-investment every time.”

Specifically, an aerospace manufacturer with 25 machines was flying blind, unable to access the data from those machines until it was too late. After they implemented Alora, the company saw a 177% increase in their key utilization rates (KURs). That increase resulted in $228K to the manufacturer’s bottom-line in the first 90 days. 

A $15M family-run discrete manufacturer saw $750K in annual savings using Alora. The increased efficiency and bottom-line profitability were the equivalent to adding $3M in sales to the top line annually. 

Those increases in efficiency, profitability, and revenue are even more impressive considering those companies invested $50K or less to use Alora. 

As America and the world rebuilds their economies and manufacturing sectors, one thing is certain: Investment in technology that improves utilization, increases productivity, and gives remote, real-time access to KURs isn’t a luxury. 

Instead, adoption of game-changing technology will drive growth and competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Data Inventions and Alora are ready to lead the way.