Clichés are clichés for a reason. One of those clichés? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We’ve all heard it. We’ve all been guilty of it, at one time or another.

 What does that type of craziness look like on most shop floors?

  •  To start with, today’s discrete manufacturers face a host of common pain points, including:
  • A reliance on manual data collection that leads to inaccuracy and profit-eating lag time.
  • The inability to scale without hiring more employees.
  • Inaccurate bids, missed estimates, and contracts that could have been profitable but are now in the red.
  • Thousands of parts, frequent changes, and complex jobs.
  • Multiple incompatible systems and machines.
  • An inability to escalate in time to save a job due a lack of data.
  • Losing time and money on retooling because of a lag in QC data.
  • An abundance of data trapped inside your ERP that can’t be accessed, much less used.

 And what are the same old solutions most manufacturers turn to?

  • Adding more data collection.
  • Adding more machines.
  • Adding more people.
  • Adding more reports.

 It might not be “insanity.” But it certainly isn’t working.

"More" doesn't provide clarity. Addressing the root of the problem does

In fact, these solutions often just add to the problem. They create more systems, more disparate data, and ultimately, more confusion. The solutions fail in part because they only address a subset of the challenges most plants face.

 Fortunately, Alora by Data Inventions gets to the root of the problem by addressing issues across people, systems, and machines to provide clarity and direction.


  • Alora provides instant feedback that puts your plant’s data into context.
  • Alora increases individual employee capacity by empowering and engaging operators with simple touch screen operator interfaces that make real-time data constantly accessible.
  • Alora provides the data management clarity to submit accurate estimates and ensure jobs end in the black and not in the red.
  • Alora unlocks the data your company needs, making every machine more efficient while immediately driving additional money to your bottom-line.

 Alora by Data Inventions isn’t the same old solution. Our platform delivers the manufacturing intelligence plants need to succeed in today’s highly competitive, globalized market.

 Discrete manufacturers have reached a tipping point. The answers that focus on “more” are no longer just insanity. They are a recipe for a ruined balance sheet and a potential plant closure. Success means accessing the data you need when you need it without enduring often inaccurate, inefficient, and cumbersome manual processes.

 Stop the insanity. Do something different.