Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist, inventor, and engineer whose drawings of absurdly complicated machines designed to do ridiculously simple tasks became such a cultural touchstone that we all had to learn about him in school.

Think for a moment about what we don’t teach our kids in school: Such as how to present yourself as a professional at a job interview. Or how to do your taxes. Or that adulthood won’t be everything you think it will be.

That’s important stuff.

All of which means Rube Goldberg’s machines must be really important—and they are. They are an easy way to reinforce the idea that needless complexity is, well, needless. Of course, the notion that “simpler is better” can best be described using another cliché: Easier said than done.

Just ask any discrete manufacturer.

Too many of today’s shop floors suffer from an abundance of complexity that can make what should be simple tasks—like collecting data from your machines—a lot harder than it needs to be.

It really can be like a Rube Goldberg machine.

First, go to the machines in the corner, stand on one leg, and twist the right knob three times counterclockwise. Then, you need to go to a second machine, roll a soccer ball toward a cuckoo clock. Once activated, the cuckoo clock will cause the second machine to produce a second batch of data that will probably be incompatible than the first.

Discrete manufacturers don’t need more complexity and more knobs to twist.

Visibility and Simplicity Drives Productivity

They need a manufacturing intelligence tool that will give supervisors and operators easy access to the data they need. They need to simplify.

Alora by Data Inventions does just that:

  • Facilitates machine data collection regardless of connectivity.
  • Works across a breadth of brands and ages of machinery.
  • Provides real-time alerts with reason codes that will help drive accountability.
  • Requires no new infrastructure and is compatible with your ERP.
  • Improves efficiency, utilization, accuracy, and accountability.
  • Enables the standardization and automation needed to compete in the global marketplace.

Rube Goldberg was a groundbreaking cartoonist. His work helped show the inefficiency of needless complexity and the importance of simplicity.

Alora by Data Inventions is a groundbreaking technology. We’ll bring simplicity to your shop floor and give you access to the real-time data you need to make better decisions.