Owners want to see improved machine utilization rates. Supervisors want to see improved machine utilization rates. Operators want to see improved machine utilization rates.

It’s no wonder.

The average discrete manufacturer has a machine utilization rate that hovers around 40%. Worldwide, that average is closer to 80%. Something needs to change. America’s plants must become efficient, more technologically advanced, and more profitable if they hope to compete.

There is a solution.

Data transparency drives improved utilization

Alora by Data Inventions is a data connectivity platform that provides easy-to-use digital dashboards driven by real-time data that allow operators and supervisors to immediately compare machine uptime against targets. Alora also utilizes reason codes that allow operators to take immediate corrective action. Real-time data provides specificity that enables your team to fix whatever isn’t working and immediately become more productive and efficient.

And it is as simple to use as a smartphone. (Literally. Operators and supervisors gain the insight they need with easy-to-use touchscreen tools they are already familiar with.)

 With a few touches, operators can capture all the pertinent data on the shop floor that helps put machine downtime, job progress and QC challenges into context – allowing management to focus on problem areas and encourage productivity opportunities highlighted by real-time information.

When that data is all showcased on digital signage right on the shop floor, and everyone is working with that single source of truth when it comes to what’s really going on – the results are fast and dramatic. In fact, the average result discrete manufacturers see when they adopt the industry’s most dynamic manufacturing intelligence platform is an increase in utilization rates as high as 15-20%.

“Some areas have seen increases of 15-20%, giving us overall utilization rates far above the industry average,” said Michael Behrens, President of Complexus Medical. “And we saw those improvements within weeks.”  

[Watch Michael’s full video case study] 

Improving utilization rates is one of the biggest challenges discrete manufacturers face, but it is a problem that can be solved. All you need is access to real-time data via an easy-to-use manufacturing intelligence platform.

A lot harder than it sounds, right? Not when you install Alora. Our platform works with any machine and any ERP, regardless of age or brand.

Join the data revolution and see the improvement in utilization rates that you need to beat the competition.