A spaceship leaves Earth’s atmosphere and heads toward outer space.

Suddenly, something goes wrong.

Oxygen is spewing from the tank just off the left wing. Every dial on the instrumentation panel turns suddenly and sharply to the right. Every warning light in the Houston HQ flashes red.

Chaos is everywhere.  If someone doesn’t get control of the situation soon, terrible things will happen.

The commander running the ship and the flight director overseeing the mission are likely confronted with one of two problems. Either they don’t have enough information—or they have too much.

Often, the problem is too much information.

Don’t Let Too Much Data Distract Your Job Shop

Plant managers and machine operators often face the same problem. Conflicting data from various incompatible sources drown out the information needed to keep the ship from crashing.

What comes next—at least in the movies: Once everyone calms down, flight control concocts a solution that will get the ship’s crew home safe. The solution is often a hastily thrown together combination of duct tape and paper tubes—and somehow it works.

Thankfully, plant managers and operators have an easier solution on hand.

Alora by Data Inventions is the manufacturing machine intelligence platform that will:

  • Deliver clear, concise performance dashboard views on PCs, digital, and mobile platforms.
  • Give operators and management real-time comparisons of current production against forecasts.
  • Use two-way communication with any ERP to ensure end-to-end data alignment.
  • Inform accurate, profitable, data-driven bids and estimates.
  • Allow your team to work smarter and not harder.

No one is as cool as those old astronauts. But we all still have a mission. Your mission is to unlock the data in your machines and use that insight to launch your plant into its rightful place among the stars—and beyond.

Learn how Alora can help (we promise, it doesn’t involve duct tape).