Which jobs were late? Which jobs were on time?

Far too many schedulers are unable to answer those questions with anything resembling real accuracy. The result?

An inefficient shop floor—and an inefficient shop floor is, more often than not, an unprofitable shop floor. Even those job shops that do eke out a profit are leaving money on the table.

Schedulers need to immediately know when a job is missing its target in order to keep setup and run rates on track. They need to be able to compare actual uptime to targets in order to improve utilization. They need automated two-way communication between their ERP and the shop floor. And they need all of that displayed in an easy-to-understand interface accessible to operators, foremen, schedulers, and owners.

Alora by Data Inventions is the manufacturing intelligence platform capable of delivering exactly what your shop floor needs.

Our user interface can give operators and foremen a way to compare daily utilization rates against recent benchmarks, and our simple color codes help schedulers understand what is happening on their shop floor.

By deploying an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use graphical interface fed by real-time, actionable data your shop floor can see an immediate improvement in efficiency and a return on their investment within the first 90 days of using Alora by Data Inventions.

Not to mention improvements in utilization rates that range from 20% to as high as 170%.

Imagine if your schedulers could see what was going on across every single machine—setup time, jobs in queue, jobs in action, forecast vs. actual utilization and production. The advantage would be enormous—let alone less frustrating for your entire team.

 Because operators, schedulers, foremen, and executives don’t have time—or the competitive leeway—to make educated guesses about how their shop floor is performing.

 Plus, we built Alora to be a manufacturing intelligence platform that simplifies data collection, delivering improved efficiency and making discrete manufacturers more competitive—without added layers of complexity—because the last thing you need is more complexity.

But don’t take our word for how easy it is. Sign up for a demo below and see for yourself how Alora can make your shop floor more efficient than it has ever been.