Want to ruin the evening of a plant manager at a discrete manufacturer? It’s easy.

Just make sure they don’t have real-time access to the data they need. Relying on outdated methods of data collection will leave managers:

  • Manually entering employee timecards
  • Fixing bad information that was already entered into your ERP
  • Re-scheduling the next day’s production because you didn’t meet daily production goals

Often, plant managers end up doing all three.

Too many of today’s shop floors are using yesterday’s methods and technology to collect and use data. The result is a shop that inefficiently uses machines and people. Your shop simply cannot survive with machine utilization rates in the low teens. Owners already know that.

But underutilization of machines isn’t the only problem.

Shops running on yesterday’s technology are underutilizing an even more important asset: People. Your plant manager is your plant manager for a reason. They have a lot more to offer than simply fixing bad data or manually entering timecards.

Plant managers should spend far more time figuring out how to move the business forward than they do rescheduling production.

This begs the question: How do you fix this?

 Industry 4.0 Technology Unites Job Shops Around Data

One advance of today’s Industry 4.0 manufacturing intelligence solutions is the ability to use automation and technology to simplify processes that have bogged down manufacturers for years. For example, manufacturers striving to raise utilization rates and get a better handle on data can:

 Use tablets to replace handwritten timecards and machine operations logs means data is accurate and timely.

 Install visualization tools that show the entire shop floor what jobs are running, what machines are in use, and where the team is performing forecast versus actual on jobs. All that transparency empowers operators and managers to take faster action to resolve problems and to work more efficiently.

 Integrate data from across the job floor—ERP, machines, operators—to provide a real-time snapshot of activity that allows managers to focus on problem areas and truly understand where a shop may be understaffed or need additional equipment.

 No one wants your managers scrambling every day—or losing sleep. By using today’s new technology solutions, your job shop can actually use its data, share information seamlessly (no matter how big your shop), see performance levels in real time and start to hit those company goals by getting more out of your people and your equipment.

 Technology is important. So are people. Discrete manufacturers need to use their machines and their talent more efficiently. They can do both when they use Alora by Data Inventions, the manufacturing intelligence platform behind the industry’s highest-performing shop floors.

Alora helps eliminate wasted time and enable great decision-making by providing access to performance data throughout the entire shift. With that level of insight, plant managers can spot what’s going right—and do more of it.

If you’d like to learn more about how Alora by Data Inventions can deliver this functionality in your discrete manufacturer, let’s talk.