We’ve talked to plant managers and floor supervisors in plants and manufacturing facilities across the country, and they all have a simple request: Help us see the setup and run hours from our ERP correlated to machine cycle up or downtimes on the same screen. They are all looking to remove complexity.

Without that information, it is almost impossible for management, floor supervisors, and even operators to know whether machines are being used efficiently—and as every discrete manufacturer knows, “efficiency” isn’t some sort of prize you win for having the best run plant.

Efficiency makes all the difference.

Efficiency is the driving force behind every profitable plant. The machine and labor are already costing you money. If your people and equipment aren’t being fully optimized, you are leaving money on the table. A lot of money. That’s why being able to view setup and run time on the same screen as machine cycle up and downtimes is so important.

Custom-build solution drives efficiency across the shop floor

Before we built our product, Data Inventions talked to everyone from supervisors to owners to operators to understand just how hard it is to get the data they need—and exactly what information they need. Their input helped shape Alora, the manufacturing intelligence platform that unlocks the data your plant needs to succeed.

By being able to tap into data that correlates setup and run times to machine cycle up and downtimes, manufacturers have been able to see consistent improvements in machine utilization rates of 15-20%, and sometimes significantly higher.

The data your operators and supervisors need to increase machine efficiency and improve overall profitability is there—buried in a report or system. You just need access to it. And your team knows what they are looking for—are you ready to give them the data they need?

Alora by Data Inventions was purpose-built to address the data challenges facing discrete manufacturers. Sign up for a demo today and we’ll explain how you can make your shop floor more efficient and your plant floor more profitable by better accessing real-time data.