Discrete manufacturers can measure the value of lots of things. Increased machine utilization rates mean a more profitable, more efficient, more successful plant. Higher operator performance means (again) greater profitability, happier operators, and less turnover. With the right platform, plant managers can quickly measure improvements like those in real-time.

(You did know there is a manufacturing intelligence platform that gives discrete manufacturers the ability to view their data in real-time, right? Ok, we’ll get to that in a minute.)

But what about value that can’t be easily measured, such as the peace of mind that comes from having maximum visibility across the entire plant? According to one manufacturer, it can be very difficult to calculate just how important that is.

Data-Driven Adjustments Deliver Big Results

Lance Thrailkill is the CEO of All Metals Fabricating in Allen, Texas. AMF is in Lance’s blood: He is a third-generation CEO who literally grew up in discrete manufacturing. He and his team are also early adopters of Alora by Data Inventions and have used access to real-time data to improve their machine utilization rates by as much as 152%.

Improvements in machine utilization rates that high are a game-changer for any discrete manufacturer. But it isn’t just those numbers that have improved.

Access to real-time data has given Lance and his management team the ability to look at historical performance, better identify performance patterns, hold operators accountable … but also to allow those same operators to set their own performance goals and implement a variety of changes that have improved plant performance.

For Thrailkill, improved performance is only part of his vision for how access to real-time data can affect his ability to manage AMF. Besides improving performance, Lance and his team are working toward their goal of being able to manage their plant from anywhere with full knowledge of how the shop floor is performing.

AMF is doing that.

"Manage From Anywhere" Fuels Competitive Edge

“It is tough to put a number on having peace of mind,” said Thrailkill. “Honestly, achieving true visibility across a plant floor is priceless. As owner and CEO, I breathe a lot easier being able to pull up plant performance at any time, from anywhere.”

How does AMF achieve that type of visibility? AMF was an early adopter of Alora by Data Inventions, the manufacturing intelligence platform that gives discrete manufacturers access to the data they need to improve their plant’s performance.

Building a high-performing discrete manufacturer isn’t just about improving utilization rates or decreasing machine downtime. It is about empowering operators by giving them the insight they need to develop ideas on how to do their job better. It is about creating a culture of innovation that relies on data-driven decisions.

And it is about giving owners and CEOs peace of mind that can’t be measured.

(You know what can be measured? Improvements in machine utilization rates as high as 152%. If that interests you, read our full case study on Lance and AMF)