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In 2014, entrepreneur Duane Clement founded Data Inventions Inc. in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Why Erie?

Duane and the Data Inventions team are driven by a passion to help discrete manufacturers succeed, but how we manufacture things in the United States has changed. The manufacturing sector now depends on technology and innovation—and it only makes sense for discrete manufacturers and technology companies that provide innovative solutions to be near each other.

We believe that cutting-edge manufacturing technology companies, successful manufacturers, and thriving communities go hand-in-hand.

We believe that manufacturing leaders care about their communities. They want to see the employees who pass in and out of their doors be able to provide a middle class or better life for their families.

At Data Inventions, we are driven to make a similar impact. 

Our team is dedicated to developing groundbreaking solutions that improve machine utilization rates, significantly increase visibility, change shop culture, and make discrete manufacturers more profitable. We are committed to helping guide manufacturers toward continuous improvement supported by advanced analytics—enabling them to better compete in the global economy.

We know the benefits of profitable manufacturers infuse entire communities with opportunity. 

Decades ago, a manufacturing revolution occurred in America’s heartland and a thriving manufacturing sector built towns, cities, and whole regions that were beacons of prosperity and success. Today, Data Inventions is on the forefront of a new revolution—leveraging Erie’s manufacturing heritage as a competitive strength—building Erie Country into a region known for being an innovative manufacturing technology corridor.

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Meet Our Team

Duane Clement

Duane Clement


Chris Smith

Director, Product Development

Peggy Means

Peggy Means

Director, Customer Success

Our Core Values

Committed Team Players

Self-Motivated & Team Players


We are all in when it comes to crafting Data Inventions into an amazing, successful, fun business dedicated to delivering results to our clients. This is a place we want to be, working with people we like and respect.

Each member of the Data Inventions team is ready to think big, strive for excellence, and take ownership of our individual contributions that shape the overall success of this company. We hold ourselves and each other accountable, knowing that it is only as a team, powered by individual success, that we will win.

We are comfortable being ourselves at Data Inventions. And when we are comfortable being authentic, we can also be trusting, truthful and transparent with each other. That’s when we are at our best. It also allows us to be fearless—knowing our teammates have our backs. We understand that when we each do the right thing, to the best of our ability in every situation—the outcome will be successful.

Innovative Problem-Solvers

Encouraging & Supportive

Open-minded Communicators

We are excited about being creative, thinking out of the box, and taking measured risks because we know that innovation sometimes means stepping up to the edge. We aren’t afraid of mistakes or failure because each of those is an opportunity to learn, reconsider and return to fight another day. As leaders, we encourage our teams to push past what has been done before to find the next new opportunity for our clients and our company.

We are humble, supportive and strive to bring out the best in our fellow team members. By approaching each situation with a positive attitude, assuming positive intent from others, and trusting our peers, we will create a sphere of influence that encourages openness and trust.

By allowing more people into our conversations and actively listening to other opinions, we find inspiration and uncover innovation. We empower our team and our clients to voice concerns, suggestions, criticism, and praise equally. It is only through open-mindedness and honesty that we can grow together and explore the many different routes to any solution.


Building the next big Industrial Internet of Things data connectivity platform in manufacturing can make you a pretty big deal, and though we don’t like to brag, we do appreciate when the press takes notice. If you have an inquiry about our products, our team, our business, or our mission to strengthen communities by helping rebuild the manufacturing sector, please email marketing@datainventions.com.

In the meantime, read one of the stories below to learn more about Data Inventions, our history, and our mission.


The team at Data Inventions has a mission.

And it isn’t to sell more software.

We want to fundamentally change discrete manufacturing. We want to prepare operators, supervisors, plants, and the communities that depend on our manufacturing customers to survive and thrive in a brand-new industrial age.

If being part of that mission sounds exciting, click on one of the available positions below. You can always send your resume to careers@datainventions.com.

We are always looking to hear from talented people who have a passion for helping manufacturers do what they always do:  Build what comes next. 


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