Alora In Action

Alora in Action Delivers True Manufacturing Intelligence

For many discrete manufacturers, the challenge isn’t having data; it's having that data quickly, wrapped in context and delivered in a usable format. With Alora, data is aggregated into highly visual presentations tailored for specific roles: 

Owners can view machine utilization over time, making problems and progress clear; Shop Foremen can see ERP, setup and run hours data all in a single view; Machinists will know if they are above or below the estimated run time with a quick glance at a dashboard. 

Configurable dashboards show each person the information they need to take action toward improvement—turning data into intelligence.

An infographic of how Alora works. MEASURE & MANAGE: Inform bids and estimates with precise data.  ACCURATE REAL-TIME DATA: Automated two-way communications between the shop floor and your ERP. ADJUST & CORRECT: Understand immediately when a job is off pace or off target and why, so you can escalate. WHICH ALL YIELDS: Improve Utilization by at least 15%.

Why it Works—Simple. Actionable. Visible.

Alora removes the complexity by pulling down the data silos inside your business, consolidating real-time, actionable information from your people, systems and machines. 

No more day-long meetings with dozens of reports spread across the conference table while multiple managers trying to figure out why a job was so off target while they lose valuable time on the shop floor.

Clarity drives immediate action while also providing accurate historical data to bid with confidence – all with increasing your utilization rate toward the global standard of 80%

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