Alora In Action

Alora in Action Delivers True Manufacturing Intelligence

For many discrete manufacturers, the challenge isn’t having data; it's having that data quickly, wrapped in context and delivered in a usable format. With Alora, data is aggregated into highly visual presentations tailored for specific roles: 

Owners can view machine utilization over time, making problems and progress clear; Shop Foremen can see ERP, setup and run hours data all in a single view; Machinists will know if they are above or below the estimated run time with a quick glance at a dashboard. 

Configurable dashboards show each person the information they need to take action toward improvement—turning data into intelligence.

Watch our Dashboards in Action—Simple. Actionable. Visible.

Alora Machine Timeline

Alora Work Center & Operation Status Dashboard

The Alora Machine Timeline dashboard, often referred to as the "Daily Driver," leverages stripe chart functionality wrapped in context to keep the entire job shop aligned around real-time status of every machine.

The Work Center and Operation Status dashboard highlights utilization while also providing a simple yet powerful view across machines, jobs, operations, parts and more.

Alora Machine Utilization Dashboard

Alora Downtime App

The Machine Utilization dashboard reflects trends across your manufacturing environment by showing detailed views of utilization rates. These views range from broad strokes to incredibly granular detail. Filters and formatting make it easy to see at-a-glance analytics depending on your role and focus. 

The Downtime App works hand-in-hand with the Daily Driver, enabling operators to quickly log accurate reason codes for machine downtimeas easy as point-and-click. Filter by machine, date, reason code and more.

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