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Customer Testimonials

Michael Behrens, President
Complexus Medical

In the midst of a pandemic, Michael Behrens, President of Complexus Medical, invested in the deployment of a full manufacturing intelligence solution, Alora by Data Inventions. Listen as Michael and CEO Duane Clement discuss the journey of Complexus Medical--adoption, results, next steps and advice for other discrete manufacturers.

Lance Thrailkill, CEO
All Metals Fabricating

Listen as Lance Thrailkill, CEO of AMF, discusses how manufacturing intelligence from Alora by Data Inventions is reshaping the culture at his discrete manufacturing business. With performance data available to every single employee, engagement has grown and improving the business has become a team effort.

Jim Rutkowski Jr., General Manager
Industrial Sales and Manufacturing

Listen as Alora Customers Discuss Transformation at Their Job Shops

Data Inventions purpose-built Alora to deliver results for our discrete manufacturing customers. With visible, usable data driving staffing, planning and bidding decisions, these manufacturing leaders are realizing real results.

Success Stories

AMF Alora Case Study

In 2021, All Metals Fabricating, a sheet metal fabricating and machining manufacturer based in Texas, took a huge step toward Industry 4.0 by deploying manufacturing intelligence solution Alora. The results: AMF improved its job shop utilization rates drastically. In some departments, the increase was more than 150%.

Complexus Alora Case Study

Complexus Medical took a risk during Covid 19, investing to migrate its entire job shop to a new manufacturing intelligence platform, Alora by Data Inventions. Now, nearly two years later, the company is booming. President Michael Behrens shares the many ways his company has reaped the benefits of that roll of the dice in this success story.

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, Complexus Medical President Michael Behrens invested in Alora to improve the manufacturer's utilization rates. One of the first adopters of Alora for ECI, Complexus saw those rates jump by 15-20% in a matter of weeks. Today, the company is in the midst of expanding its facilities ... with Alora involved at each step.

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