Let's talk how

Forget can. Let’s talk how for entrepreneurs and business.

Have you ever really considered the word "can?"

Can is about ability and permission. But what about truly executing?

The truth is, while you CAN, "should you" and "how" are the bigger questions.

In this podcast, entrepreneur and CEO Duane Clement delves into the reality of building a business, adopting new technology, transforming your company, partnering with the right vendors and challenges in the manufacturing industry.

Guests will include fellow entrepreneurs, startup experts, vendors, manufacturing leaders and more—sharing experience, advice and clarity.

CEO Duane Clement

Coming Soon: Episode 1: Coulds and Shoulds of Venture Capital

Business media swoon over business success stories focused on how savvy entrepreneurs secured venture capital (VC) funding and soared to success, making millions along the way. Often, high-profile media coverage, and shows such as the popular "Shark Tank," lead entrepreneurs to believe that VC funding is the only model for successspurring founders to invest hours connecting and pitching VCs. But is that the only way, the best way, even an option for most startups? According to the Small Business Administration, about 600,000 U.S. businesses launch each yearbut the number of startups funded by VCs is fewer than 9,000. So, can you be one of those VC-funded businessesand should you even try?

Join entrepreneur and business owner Duane Clement as he talks with Lindsay Karas Stencel, VC investor and law firm partner, about the misconceptions, the pros and cons of VC funding, and the potential answers to the question “should I try to secure VC funding?” The two will discuss real-life examples, including Duane’s experience with VC funding, and Lindsay’s diverse view of funding opportunities.

Kick the Can Episode 1